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Community Intros
Community Intros
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Rick Segal
Angel Investor with CRAAG
Greetings from Vancouver Island here in British Columbia, Canada. I hope everyone is staying safe! My name is Rick Segal. I'm currently diving headfirst into the world of NoCode and applauded NIk's efforts with respect to starting this Tribe. I'm... (More)
Founder at WeLoveNoCode

Introduce yourself to the community and share your project!

Hey NoCoder!
I would really love to know more about you. You can share your bio here

I will start with myself:

💁 My name is Nik and I love NoCode.
Why do I love it? Because it empowers individuals... (More)

Founder at WeLoveNoCode
Hey guys! You are on the main topic of the community. Here we greet each other, talk about ourselves and get to know other participants. 💁 My name is Nik and I love NoCode. Why do I love it? Becaus... (More)
Hey! Excited to be here! I'm running Nordic Chamber Indonesia (a membership site) and I'm looking to use NoCode to automate and increase customer satisfaction! Very new to this. Would love to get in touch with someone who I can... (More)
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