NoCode Will Not Take Developer Jobs - At Least Not the Good Ones!One myth surrounding NoCode is a fear that it’s replacing coder jobs or that we will lose the creative spark that coding from scratch can deliver. The reality is the opposite – NoCode is giving the best developers time to evolve solutions to a whole new level, only the weak should fear the NoCode revolution.

I always draw comparisons with the rise of automation in the marketing industry. I’ve sat on panels where I was asked if automation was killing the job of the marketer and I always gave the same answer “It has freed marketers to do the job they all want, get creative, focus on ideas and develop their brand”.

It is taking away the work that marketers didn’t want to do anyway - creating hundreds of variations of the same idea, automating the sending of campaigns, creating lists and segments – none of this was why they got into marketing, so why worry that a computer is doing that part of the job and the same is true for developers.

NoCode is not killing developer jobs, it’s creating the time for them to create the best products possible. No developer got into coding to sort out data storage problems, deal with permission statuses or organise a secure login. The NoCode platforms are taking away the jobs that the best developers never wanted to do.

It’s also helping them have fewer errors because the basics are already covered. They get to the exciting and important jobs much faster, allowing them to focus on the broader and more exciting technical challenges of the development.

Only the Best Are Embracing NoCode

The best developers are problem solvers and in the modern world, that solution is often a NoCode platform rather than days of complex coding.

In the technology businesses I have run, it was the very best developers that loved NoCode platforms. They were never felt threatened by the potential these platforms had to replace them, they saw its ability to make their work even better.

They realised it was now easier to work with the rest of the business, removing friction and enabling them to get sign off for new ideas because product owners were part of the development process and more bought into their vision.

Ultimately the most talented people I worked with were pitching me new NoCode platforms to add to the business. They started to spot the platforms that would help them with the different problems they had and recognise the skill and challenge in pulling together the best solution for the job.

If You Are Scared, You Are Replaceable

If we are honest, those most worried about NoCode taking their jobs are the people whose coding skills don’t match that of a NoCode platform. If all you are bringing to the party are a pretty standard set of skills then you are going to feel threatened. The better developers are problem solvers, they think outside the box.

If NoCode platforms are worrying you, then use this moment to start thinking about how to evolve your skills. Become an expert in these platforms and learn how to build the best products with them.

As good as a NoCode platform is, good developers will get more from them. Don’t hide from the arrival of these platforms but dive headlong into them. If businesses are going to start adding these to their portfolio, then you cannot avoid them. Instead, why not become the go to guy for them.

Time For a Career Re-Think?

If a developer can learn how to maximise the value of these NoCode platforms, they have a real opportunity to pivot their career. They can move from being an average coder and become an expert in platforms like or salesforce.

Entire industries are being built around these platforms at the moment. For example, Salesforce developers are now some of the most sought after (and thus well paid) engineers in the tech industry, working with progressive and attractive companies in the world.

As the development sector evolves, businesses will start looking for experience on these platforms in the way they used to look at programming language expertise.

By showing that you’ve mastered some of these NoCode platforms you tell potential employers you are someone that can embrace similar platforms, thus you become a very attractive and employable developer that becomes popular. Being popular in the job market is never a bad thing!

Why This Works For Businesses

We’ve shown how both the best and aspiring developers shouldn’t be afraid of NoCode development, but remember this is even more true for the businesses they work for. By getting your development team to embrace these new platforms, you add many benefits to your business.

-         You will get greater value from your developers because less time is wasted on the basic elements of the product development
-         Your product will get to market faster because so much of the development is already built into these platforms and ultimately fewer errors will be made
-         If the team buy into the idea rather than feel threatened by it, then you are likely to have happier staff and a more stable team, which all businesses want

It’s time to focus on making NoCode a part of your development process. If you are a start-up then it might be the dominant part of your development practices as you look to get a minimum viable products live as quickly as possible.

For a more mature organisation with an established development team and practices, it becomes a powerful addition to those processes. It’s a new way to begin projects, maybe it is used to deliver some of the smaller but vital link projects. All freeing up senior developers to work on some complex problems.

Ultimately, NoCode needs to be embraced by both employers and employees because it provides benefits to everyone – stop being afraid and join the revolution today.

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