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Community Intros
Community Intros

Hey I'm Dominic, Head of Marketing for a new no-code platform we just launched for sales pros :) It uses Webflow, Coda, Sendinblue, Zapier, and Daily! Check it out:
Founder at WeLoveNoCode

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I will start with myself:

💁 My name is Nik and I love NoCode.
Why do I love it? Because it empowers individuals... (More)

Hi, WeLoveNoCode Community!! My name is Maria,I studied Business administration and worked in very different enterprises. Now I am working in the 'Done for You' program, which seeks to bring joy and comfort to children with cancer, around the world,... (More)
Maryam Jamil
Software Developer, Specialize in Web Apps
This is Engineer Maryam Jamil . I am software Engineer Specializes in Websites and Web Apps. I have also worked on mobile and desktop apps
I am in Search of Projects . Kindly let me know How this Platform Works
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